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Support for Shared Lives carers supporting young people

Avalon has partnered with Parents Plus to support Shared Lives carers of young people with a learning disability.

We are offering free, virtual training sessions to parents, guardians and Shared Lives carers of young people between the ages of 12 and 19, providing supportive tools at this crucial stage of their child’s development

The course will help you support young people to:

  • learn social skills and build friendships

  • deal with puberty and sexuality

  • gain confidence and self-esteem

  • be more independent

It will also offer you a supportive environment, meeting parents of other children with additional needs to get tips and advice on:

  • personally coping and managing stress

  • dealing with the challenges of adolescence

  • supporting the needs of your other children

  • managing challenging behaviour

This is a free, seven week course, which we will be running twice per year, with the first group taking place in June 2022.

If you are a Shared Lives carer who would like to find out more, or sign up for future sessions, please get in touch with Leanne Anderson either by telephone – 07736 272855 or by email –

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