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What is Shared Lives?

Imagine if instead of staying in a residential facility, or being supported by a team of Support Workers, you could choose to become part of a real family. That is the essence of Shared Lives.

Avalon Group works with Shared Lives Carers across the North of England, and these specially trained families open their homes for you to stay with them either short or long-term.

Tell me more!

Shared Lives is built on flexibility, personalisation and most importantly family. You decide what best suits your needs, whether that be a few days respite, a short-break, a day service or a full-time living arrangement.

If you have a care need, be it a learning disability, dementia, physical disability or mental health need, Shared Lives provides a wonderful alternative to more traditional methods of care.

As part of a Shared Lives family you can expect to become a valued, active member of the local community, with the opportunity to pursue all of your passions and interests, whilst also learning new skills and experiencing new and exciting things as you take part in all the activities your Shared Lives family enjoys.

Shared Lives provides a safe, family environment for adults with support needs, helping them to grow and thrive

Our Mission

How does it work?

Once you have decided to become part of a Shared Lives family, whether it be a long-term living arrangement or just a day's respite, Avalon Group works to match you to the right family.

This is called the Matching Process, and it is designed to make sure you and the family you stay with are compatible not just in terms of interests and hobbies, but also in lifestyle and home environment.

So for example, if you are a young person who enjoys going out regularly, you would be matched with a younger family who share these interests and would likely be doing similar things. Or if you had a specific need such as a downstairs bedroom/bathroom we will match you to a family with the relevant facilities.

Shared Lives in Doncaster

Shared Lives in Doncaster

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How can I be sure this is right for me?

Before any arrangements are finalised, you will meet with your prospective Shared Lives family several times so that you can get to know one another. If for whatever reason you feel unsure, you can request a new match until you are satisfied that you are in the right place.

Why choose Avalon?

We know that considering different care options can be a difficult and sensitive issue. With us, you can have total reassurance in the quality of care and support provided.

Every person accessing our Shared Lives service is supported by trained carers who undergo thorough assessments and checks. In addition, every prospective carer must also be approved by our independent Shared Lives Panel before they can commence support.

What next?

If you feel Shared Lives is the choice for you, get in touch and speak to one of our experienced Care Team to discuss your individual needs. We are happy to meet at your home or talk at a location of your choosing.

You may be eligible for financial support through Local Authority funding or you can access the service privately. Our Care Team will discuss these options with you.

Become a Shared Lives carer

Shared Lives carers are people who are committed to caring. They are the most passionate, dedicated individuals and are the reason Shared Lives is the incredible form of community care it has become.

Carers come from all walks of life, meaning that although previous experience in care poses a benefit, it is by no means essential. Enthusiasm, motivation and a caring nature are the three true requirements of becoming a carer. And given that Avalon provides full training at no cost to you, you can rest assured that you will have all the necessary tools to provide a safe, quality environment for those you would be supporting.

To start your carer application, visit our Become a Shared Lives carer page.

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