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A day in the life...

...of day support with Shared Lives.

By Sarah Cattell - Avalon Shared Lives carer in Doncaster

Day support is about supporting our customer to have a positive day, encouraging new skills and enjoying time together in our family home.

We have a lovely, busy home that includes four cats and three teenagers! It's messy at times and there's sometimes a bit of attitude - but it's fun, we are kind and we welcome all.

The day begins when either my husband or I go and pick our customer up. We then get to the best bit, a yummy breakfast. Scrambled eggs are a favourite, washed down with a nice cup of coffee.

We adapt our day to our customer's needs. This particular day is full of fun - it's scrabble and lots of talking, catching up on the week and discussing any problems our customer faces, or talking through anything that might be on their mind.

It's jacket potato time with tonnes of cheese. We are all little mice in our family so the fridge is always packed with four different kinds of delicious cheese.

If it's a nice day, we'll go for a walk together. We're lucky to have the Trans Pennine trail on our doorstep and our customer loves to listen to the birds singing, or seeing what creatures we can spot as we plod along.

We're very crafty and love baking and cooking. We ask our customer what they'd like to do and we try our hardest to make sure we have a brilliant day together.

We have a Nintendo Wii and bowling is a firm favourite. It's great because it gets our bodies moving and our heart pumping - maybe not every time, but most times because we know how important exercise is for our health.

When it comes to home time, my husband or I drive our customer home and we look forward to the next time we see each other again.

If Shared Lives sounds like something you'd like to find out more about, click here to request a call back today.

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